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Once upon a time, long, long ago there was the past and in the past you were able to buy products, play vinyl records, drive cars that had character, ride a chopper and much more.  We didn't worry about global warming and the melting ice caps.  They were the Good Old Days!!  You probably have your own memories of the past.  Share them here with the ever growing band of Bring It Back members.  Reminisce & take a trip down memory lane.  Nostalgia is good for the soul.  Browse the forum and if you have something to say then join us.  If a manufacturer has discontinued a product and you would like it bought back, start a campaign here.  If you would just like to reminisce about the old days, then you are in the right place.  There are also useful links where you can still purchase some of the things that you can't buy in your local shop or supermarket. 

Do you remember a product you used to be able to buy? Has it disappeared from the shops?  Do you want it re-introduced?  Do you want to start a campaign to bring it back?  Click the logo to enter the forum.

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Below are some of the thing that other members are nostalgic about.

The way we were, radio shows, TV shows, old movies, confectionary, sweets and chocolate, food, groceries, drinks (alcoholic and non-acoholic) including beers and alco-pops, clothes and fashion, schooldays, 50s nostalgia, 60s nostalgia, 70s nostalgia, 80s nostalgia, Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day when we were young, aftershaves and perfumes that have been discontinued, classic cars, old magazines comics, annuals & newspapers, old computers, games & toys from the past, on this day, adverts from the past, breakfast cereals ...........
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As this forum contains some adult material which is unsuitable for minors, you must be over or exactly 14 years of age to register.

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My thanks to Miles Mendoza for his mention on Website of the Day on Steve Wright in the Afternoon BBC Radio 2.   Click here for Miles own website 

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Nostalgia isn't what it used to be (Peter De Vries)

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